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K guys it took me around 5 hours but i finally got it done. it was super easy to hook up and wire but a couple of trips to the hardware store and beer slowed it down lol

before i did anything i made sure that the cable that goes to the cutouts would be long enough. I tried to route it through the whole in the engine compartment but it was not long enough. so i had to route it under my carpet to the passenger side near the kick panel and drill a 1/2" hole to get the cable through.

Here are the steps i used to install it:

Step 1
Find the location on where you want to mount the switch. after some careful measuring i drew out a outline a lil smaller than the actual dimensions of the switch so that i could later take a file and carefully make it to the desired opening.

Step 2
Make the whole near the driverside kick panel.

Step 3
Wire up the ground to one of the factory locations and tap your wire into a 12volt sorce. i decided to use some crimpers i had to just tap into the power for my off-road light switch

Step 4
get under the truck and mark the location you want to cut the exhaust for the cut outs. I marked mine 1/4 inch bigger than i needed just in case. after you have it marked go ahead and use a cut off wheel to cut it off or a ricipricating saw

Step 5
Install the cut outs and the flange and wire it all up.. this part was actually very simple since the kit comes with quick connects. after i connected the Y pipe i double cheked which way on the switch was to open and close. Once i knew that i inserted the switch into the whole with the open part being up.

Step 6
Double check all the connections and that all wires are away from any sharp opjects or heat.

hope you like it.. i have not driven in it yet but it sounds really cool... here is a small video

This stuff will be for sale soon... just finalizing the prices but you can expect a kit like this to run around 250-300

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