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I have a 2002 HD 2500 Duramax (which I ordered and waited 10 weeks for) with 57701 miles on it, I use this truck primarily to tow our fifth wheel trailer for vacation, it does not get run around town and I have never used a tuner or changed anything from the “box stock” configuration I change the fuel filter regularly and have never found any water in it. I buy fuel only from high volume diesel station such as truck stops. The truck is garaged and I live in central California the truck is not exposed to low temps or high humidity. I have changed the Dexcool coolant for the second time in eight years; I even change the transmission spin-on filter with ever engine oil change. The vehicle gets driven at least once every two weeks and goes at least 50 miles on those trips, the original batteries went 7 plus years. I have a strong background in vehicle maintenance and I can tell you this vehicle has been carefully and completely maintained. I now have a failure of injector number 8 with 7 and 5 outside the acceptable test standards (8 = 7.0mm, 7 = 4.1mm, 5 = 4.3, FRP 23.200 actual) No signs of corrosion ANYWHERE. I don’t believe this is an acceptable service life for injectors that will cost $4500.00 to have the dealer replace. Chevrolet Customer service was courteous but in the end denied any special warranty for the injectors based on the fact that the truck is eight years old. If Chevrolet will not pay for the repair I will have to replace the injectors and I will do the work myself, and while perfectly capable of doing the work that doesn’t mean I want to do it. GM needs to find a way to continue to support this design configuration even though they have changed the design they need an injector that will last at least 150K miles when properly used and the design that came in the truck from the factory is substandard in service life as it was shipped.

2002 Duramax Crew Cab 4WD long box
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