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"Feeler" 2001 Ecsb Duramax

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I am thinking about selling my truck to buy a newer one that i found, This truck is a 2001 Chevy extended cab short bed, Charcoal grey with dark charcoal has a slightly bent front bumber on the drivers side,normal scratches, it has 50 hp industrial injection dragonfly injectors,Built stage V transmission with full billet input and output shafts and a precision converter,It had the injectors done profesionaly at 250,000 miles it has 286,000miles now.Tineted windows.Interior is in ecxellent shape no tears never smoked in. it needs new tires and a drivers side mirror,its cracked. It also is in need of a water pump that has just started leaking, It runs great with no oil leaks,also has a new transfer case with the pump rub fix. It kelly blue books for 12,695 in good condition, I am willing to let it go for 12,000 whick i think is fair for the tranny,injectors and transfer case.

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why you selling man....

I need all the LB7's on here for friends....soon I'll be outnumbered by the Newer improved.....but yet slower models...
Just looking to get me somehing a little newer and I want a crew cab,I love the truck to death but I have a little one on the way and it's just easier to get in and out of a crew cab,and don't worry Ill still be your,it doesn't help that I get bored easy.
it i wasnt looking for a crew cab i would be all over it
I will be adding pics of the interior this evening.All pm's have been awnsered.
Morning bump to the top.
What brand is the trans?
It is a suncoast stage 5 with billet input and output shafts with a precission converter with 2200 stall.And I will gt pics of the interior up I hav been realy busy the last few days.
if my truck was built like that id trade ya, but its not haha, bump for ya tho, good lookin truck, and good price,
Yeah I have a butt load off money in this truck and believe me she runs like crazy,I have sevral posts in the smoke screen catagory,anything from souped up cummins to Spartan tuned 6.4's it has walked them with ease I just need a crew cab and I'd like to get something a little newer to play with and there is a little diesel addict on the way now...
Cloth or leather?
email me at [email protected] very interested
It has cloth interior,I realy need to remind myself to get some iterior pics tomorrow when its light out,and 02 nasty max i sent you an email.
More pics of exterior. [email protected]
I will get some more pictures of it tomorrow and email them to you,and i will post the interior pics i have been forgetting to do.
Sounds good. Very interested. Does it still have the stack on it?
No i took the stack out for winter but i still have it and it goes with the truck, it was nothing fancy just one off a wrecked big rig that i sanded down and painted flat black with high heat paint.
is the truck for sale im interested in more pics pm me
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