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OK. The new truck, with 100 miles on it is going in for a leaky tranny (converter seal) and a leaky tire too. (If it don't leak it ain't a chevy!) But I have a couple questions.
Are these trucks prone for converter seal leaks? (My buddy had to replace his at 80,000 miles)
What tire pressure should I use for every day driving with no loads? All 4 of my tires were a little different, within 5 psi.
When I'm idling at a red light the oil pressure sits about 200 and goes to just over 400 when I'm driving. I'm not too worried about this but it did look kinda low when I was idling.
See I'm the first guy in my family on either side to buy a diesel pickup, so you guys are my brain here!
Thanks a lot!
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