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after wanting a duramax, i bought a 03 6.0 cc gasser about 3 years ago. Nice truck but the power and mileage sucked. so finally traded it in and got a 04 duramax cc. love it already, 2 days after i got it i put on a banks six gun. i was told buy a ppe or efi, but i got the six gun and speed loader brand new for 400 from a buddy. any way . will make a way nicer tow truck for my car and camper!
Whats up from lake county IL
any tips tricks for the banks or lq4 are welcome.
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should have bought a ppe much better imo
Congrats on the truck.

Welcome to the Forum!!!
oh yeah sorry welcome to the forum
Welcome to the DF!!
ok i knew this would happen, my thought was if this tune could screw up the trans why would i spend 800 or more to do the same thing. thought i got a deal and its good enough for now. since i dont plan on messing with the trans yet.
not knockin it don't get me wrong , i just don't care for banks to conservative
ok your talking to a new guy if you want explain conservative. am i wrong thinking +155,388 will screw up the trans? why would ppe be better? i know about how they can make more. im new to the diesel game not trying to make it a race truck just have fun. the truck is to tow my car. lol.
Welcome to the forum. Your are right that the stock tranny will only hold a certain amount of power and your tuner will probably exceed what the tranny will hold. I think what he was trying to say is that the PPE will make better, more user friendly power and the tranny WILL hold up to it for a while. Nothing wrong with your tuner tho, it will work just fine and for less money.
i dont think u went wrong with the banks i got the banks in mine and have way more than enough power and can still have fun and the banks makes it easyer on the tranny cause of all its safety features and yes you can still blow a little smoke with banks i have the speed loader setting and when i pull out in sl it pours carbon i didnt think banks would do that its pretty sweet when your in a bad mood cheers you right up and welcome to the fourm
Welcome to the DF!
Welcome to the DF. Just for the record, I had PPE and didnt like it. Enjoy your D-MAX!!!:rockin
Welcome to the DF
Welcome, that tuner should serve you fine. A cold air intake and bigger exhaust in the future will wake up the tuner and fuel economy too! Your tranny should hold 100hp extra setting no problem, if you drive smart. Good luck!
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