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First Pull Tomorrow (Nov 3,2006)

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I finally get to use my Duramax for what I intended it for! I own a hauling company and I am hauling a 13,000 lb excavator on a deckover trailer.
I even get to take a ferry ride while doing this delivery. I will take some digital pics of the trip.:getrdone :rockin
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Cool, that ought to give the truck a work out!
Sure not the thread I thought it was going to be.

Cool none-the-less!

Sure not the thread I thought it was going to be.

Same here. I was looking for sled discriptions. Yeah be sure to take pics for us.
next time

I wound up using my customers Ford f-550 instead of my Duramax-I got to the shop at 7am and his truck was hooked to the trailer and he told me to use his truck instead-oh well! I still got paid a good rate. Woulda been a good test for my truck though-13,000 lb excavator delivered and a 12,000 lb ford tractor picked up on the way back.
Yeah iwas like" A pull this late in the year? Where? Where?" O well, should have used the D-max!
First hauling job "Pull"

I hauled a tracked skid steer loader on a Bobcat trailer yesterday (wed)
Hardly had to use the trailer brakes while in tow haul mode.
That class 5 hitch I bought is a good investment(16,000 lb capacity)
as is my Duramax equipped truck of course!
:gearjamin :rockin
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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