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Hey all, I've been reading a lot on these forums since I picked up my LLY and thought I would share some of the progress that I've been making on it for any that want to watch.

So far I've done the following:
New Headlights, New Tail lights, Turn signals, Shocks, Airdog Lift Pump, New Mirrors, Random electrical fixes, airbag sensor replacement, New Front speakers and a Cat filter upgrade.

Im working on this now:
Replacing the Radio, speaker wiring, rear door speakers, adding a slim sub, removing the factory sub and amp, and adding a wireless charging mat to the center console.

I'll be doing the following after finishing the radio project:
Replacing interior lights, replacing dash lights, replacing ac module lights, new fog lights, halo lights, light bar, rear backup camera, dash camera, and possibly installing a 5th wheel hitch...

Feel free to check it out and give me some tips along the way!

Replacing the Mirrors and speakers on my LLY

Removing Center console on my LLY - Available on 7/28


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