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Fluid Change ?

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I'm sorry if this has been discussed, but can some one tell me the proper way to change the filters and frequency of the change on my allison? I need to know if a fluid change is required or if it is best to fill the new filter with fluid before reinstalation. I don't tow very often, but I want to take care of my investment.
The filters were both changed about 25K miles ago by the previous owner (I got the receipt form the dealer that did the service).

Also what is the best brand filter to use and where is the best place to get it.

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Mike L. will probably chime in, but what I usually do is change my tranny filter with my oil. (about every 8500 miles) It is cheap insurance on an expensive tranny. I filled my filter with tranny fluid and put it on. Don't forget to take the magnet off the old filter and put it on the new one. I believe the recommendation is to change the filter every 10,000 miles and fluid every 25,000. I don't have my owner's manual in front of me, but obviously it depends on the environment that you are operating the vehicle in too.
I recommend a spin on filter change at 5K because you will do it at 8K. If I told you to do it at 10K you would do it at 15K. 15K is way too long. I do mine at 5 as do most of my customers. I sell the spin ons at cost just to see them do it.:poke
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