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Ford owner new to foum

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My son was involved in a hit and run 2 weeks ago and his truck was totalled He walked away. He is looking into buying a diesel truck and I'm trying to get some info on the Duramax Pro's and Con for Him. I know full well what the problems are on the Fords and Dodges. So if you could help with some unbiased opinions on any common problems with the Duramax I would certainly appreciate it.

TKS Mike
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WElcome to the site and sorry to hear about the accident, Glad he's allright though!

THe most common problem were the injectors on the LB7 engine but gm has them covered up to 250k IIRC!

SOme folks with LLYs have had overheating problems, but i have never seen one of these.

transfercase pump like to rub holes in the transfercase, agsin i have never seen this happen, but i know it dose!

Thats all i can think of right now!

Welcome to the group. Glad to see you son walked away. Coulda been much worse . . .

On to your question. Each truck has its own faults. The Duramax has proven to be a very durable motor when cared for. The LLY overheating issue is limited to a few motors, but can be a serious issue. I have a customer with one of these rare trucks. It sux. If he is looking new, the LBZ is an awesome truck. Great power, very decent mileage, 6 speed allison, and all the comforts GM is known for.

Please, feel free to post up some specific questions. There is alot of knowledge here and most questions don't go unanswered for every long.
What they said!!! The duramax is a awesome truck with alot of potential!

Welcome aboard!!

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