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Ford tailpipe flames

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This may already be old news to everyone, but just thought it might brighten your day. I heard that Ford is having problems with the 6.4L blowing flames out the tailpipe when it enters into regeneration mode. I think there is a video on youtube, with a truck blowing some awesome flames. The name of the video is under 6.4L throwin flames or something like that. I love my CHEVY!! :cool:
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ya i've seen that and i have heard reports of buildings and other cars getting roasted because of them tail pipe torches..
:rof another quality ford/ navistar product. If they are already have trouble with that, i cant wait to see how their dual turbo setup is going to work out after some miles are on them. They already have recalls out one the first of the trucks to leave the plants, but apparently they have ones being built now squared away. I hope they do because they already have law suits on their hands from what i have heard.

It is kind of sad though, i hate to see an American icon company have such financial troubles. I think it's sad.
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