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Welcome to!
Please read, understand, and follow our rules as outlined below. Rules can be added to or taken away from without notice.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. That means showing courtesy and respect to ALL other members, moderators, administrators, and staff.

Absolutely no personal attacks, bashes, flames, or bigotry comments.
More Smoke, If you post a "I Want More Smoke", or "Smoke out" threads, You Will be bashed, flamed, heckled, and given a hard time. Blowing smoke is killing the diesel world by causing the government to crack down and put more restrictions on diesel vehicles. If you post such a thread the Staff will not be responsible for any attacks, So post it at your own risk!

Give and receive criticism with an open mind. You will be held responsible for your actions, so post wisely. If you can't handle posting wisely, don’t post.

We trust you will find the site both informative and fun, but first things first: By using our website, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you do not wish to comply with these terms and conditions, you should not request posting privileges on Please note that we reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time, and your continued use of the Website indicates that you agree to comply with any new or modified guidelines. So remember to review the posting guidelines from time to time.

CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR SALE FORUM RULES! (They are also quoted at the bottom of this post)

1. Username and Access (please read this guideline carefully)

1.1 Subscribers may select a username of choice (all usernames will be screened for appropriateness - no profanity or vulgarity, etc.). Usernames related to a non-sponsor business are not allowed. If you register with a business name as your username you will be asked to change it until you are set up as a vendor.

1.2 There is a limit of 1 username/account per individual. This is for board security. "Ghost Accounts" are not tolerated because they become outlets for abusive/ inflammatory posting.

1.3 By requesting posting privileges on, you certify that all information you provide during the registration process is honest and accurate.

1.4 Vendor Note: Each active vendor/commercial subscriber must have his or her business name incorporated into his or her signature block.

1.5 Site sponsorship: All vendors wishing to sponsor the site should PM any staff member for direction with the proper channels. Selling Via Pm will lead to site suspension and the possibility of permanent removal from the site.

1.6 Non Sponsor/Vendors may not post company names, contact information or information about a company they are affiliated with. Selling Via Pm will lead to site suspension and the possibility of permanent removal from the site.

1.7 Signatures may include non vendor company names in a non advertising manner. (IE: Tuning by X Company or Thanks you X COMPANY Performance). Increased font size or color will be deemed “advertising” and you may be asked to remove it.

1.8 Members may not post items for sale in their signature.

2. Conduct encourages lively and informative discussion among Discussion Forum participants. But keep it clean and productive.

Please Do Not....

2.1 Repeatedly post any material that the moderators feel is antagonistic to others or instigates non-productive conflict between users as well as vendors/sponsors.

2.2 Post any material or comment that is considered to be "baiting" others into an unproductive conflict online. Baiting is considered to be any post that intentionally badgers, heckles, or leads another user(s) into an antagonistic discussion;

2.3 Post any form of solicitation on any Discussion Forum; (Solicitation for commercial purpose by non vendors is NOT permitted through posts, PMs, etc...)

2.4 Post or transmit any material that is mean-spirited, abusive, obscene, hateful, fraudulent, threatening, vulgar harassing or defamatory (the use of symbols or characters to mask profanity and expletives is prohibited and undermines the spirit of these guidelines);

2.4.1 Users avatar that is Inappropriate, Sexually explicit, mean-spirited, abusive, obscene, hateful, fraudulent, threatening, vulgar, or harassing. (the use of symbols or characters to mask profanity and expletives is prohibited and undermines the spirit of these guidelines);Inappropriate Languageers to mask profanity and expletives is prohibited and undermines the spirit of these guidelines);

2.5 Post, transmit or link to sexually explicit material;

2.6 Post or transmit any material that you don’t have authorization to transmit under the law (copyrighted material);

2.7 Intentionally violate any applicable law or regulation;

2.8 Knowingly post (or threaten to post) or transmit (or threaten to transmit) any file that contains computer viruses, corrupt files, or any other contaminating or destructive features that may damage computer equipment.

2.9 Post information about race, religion, political views, threats, intimidations, harassments, coercions, or uncivil, insulting, vile, or obscene language. It should also not include false, profane, or malicious statements concerning any member of

2.10 Occasional recommendations of vendors/sponsors by users is encouraged. However excessive promotion of vendors (cheer leading) on the forums is discouraged and may be subject to removal.

2.11 Spammed Advertisement.

2.12 Post Links to other Diesel Forums not related to, or

2.13 Post contact information, links to or display the URL (in any way, shape or form) of any company not recognized as a sponsor of Autoforums. Exemptions will be made for
a) referring dealers for warranty work.
b) referrals for local shops who perform installations not offered by sponsoring vendors

2.14 Vendor price request forum is for vendors only to respond to a members request! Members are not allowed to respond to a request by promoting any vendor of this or any other forum!

2.15 Forum staff is here to create an environment conducive to learning; verbal attacks of staff will not be permitted. This includes messages sent through open forum and PM. (Subject to automatic ban at staff members discretion.)

3. Discussion Forums Discussion Forum is designed to help owners solicit input from others on the proper maintenance and operation of their truck. Use good common sense. Remember, we do not have the staff to mediate or "police" all of the information that is posted. Analyze thoroughly before taking any advice offered.

3.1 Keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand.

3.2 Do Not Hijack others thread or post.

3.3 Post your topic in the correct forum. Moderators will move posts that are incorrectly located.

3.4 Making useless threads or post only to gain access to the For Sale section or the VIN forum is not permitted and they will be removed.

3.5 Moderators may Move, Edit, or Delete any thread/post without warning or explanation as they see fit to do so...

4.Sponsors and Vendors

Standard Vertical Scope / Auto Guide Vendor Rules said:
Here are the standard vendor rules, these rules will be enforced above and beyond our specific forum rules.

1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a vendor prior to commercial posting will result in your post being deleted and your account being blocked and or banned until the proper credentials have been added to your account

2. Before posting on the forum as a vendor please ensure to have your vendor tag on your account. If you’re having trouble with your account set up please (Please let us know how you want them to contact you)

3. Commercial posting is limited to either your personal vendor section or in the open vendor deals section of the vendor forum. If a member is looking for a product suggestion in the open forums it is acceptable to recommend a product that is relevant to the conversation but please keep it to a minimum and direct any subsequent conversation to private messages. Any vendor caught taking advantage of this rule will be subject to site infraction.

4. Vendors should be respectful of forum staff, members, and other vendors. If you have a conflict with a member, staff, or another vendor please send a private message to the site administrator.

5. All advertisements should include the price of the product and the dates the sale (if applicable) runs for.

6. Vendor and member with disputes over products, service, refunds, etc should try to keep discussion off the open forum. If you do have a dispute please try to keep it to private messages or off the forum.

7. Vendors are not permitted to use the member classified for advertising or selling products. These sections are intended for members to sell items they have, not for commercial posting.

8. Vendor group buys are permitted but should only be posted in the vendor’s personal sub section or in the vendor deals section.

9. Vendors who have purchased their own company specific section within the vendor section of the forum will have permission to moderate posts and threads in their own sections. This included editing posts, deleting posts, and deleting topics. This power is to be used to keep the section clean and organised and not for deleting negative feedback. Vendors caught deleting negative feedback can face an infraction up to and including being banned from the site.

10. Vendors will still be held to all regular forum rules, all violations of any site rules will be dealt with an infraction up to and including being banned from the site.

11. Please remember that this forum is shared by all and to respect the governing rules of the site. Please remember commercial posting is a privilege and must be kept to vendor specific sections, vendors are welcome to take part in regular conversations on the general forum so long as they are not commercial in nature.

If you`re a vendor on the forum and are encountering issues with your account or experience on the forum please contact us at [email protected] for support.
4.1 Vendors are Not permitted to sale or give price quotes to another member in the open forums.

4.2 Vendors are not allowed to (Cheerlead) for there web site, there products or themselves.

4.3 Repeatedly pushing your site in a thread is not allowed unless it is for a special offer or sale and is posted in your Vendor forum.

4.4 Vendors are not allowed to post in another vendor's forum unless specifically to discuss that vendor's product.

4.5 No vendor is permitted to attack or excessively critique the efforts, ideas, theories, or products of other vendors. Vendors are required to maintain a level of professionalism exceeding that required by our normal members.

4.6 Sponsors/Vendors must have their business name incorporated into their signature block. Sponsors may include their phone number, website or email address. Specials may be listed or linked to their vendor forum section thread, but no pricing information in the signature. Product brands offered may also be listed in the signature.

4.7 Commercial solicitation is not allowed in any Discussion Forum with the exception of the sponsors provided forum.

4.8 Any problems that may arise and need discussion between Vendors and or Vendors and Staff is to be done in the Vendor/Staff forum. It is not to take place in the open forums.

4.9 Vendors are required to comply with all of the site's general rules.

4.10 Non Vendors are not permitted to mention companies they are affiliated with.

Failure to follow the site and or vendor rules:

First offense: A warning will be given and All staff will be notified of the warning.

Second offense: A two day Ban from the site.

Third offense: Will require a meeting between the Vendor and Staff and can result in removal of Vendor status and a permanent ban from the site.

5. Educate, Don't Irritate
Generally, nobody enjoys posts that offer little or no information, contains emotion at the expense of reason, or attacks another party. And remember, it is entirely possible to agree to disagree with others . . . respectfully. Diplomacy, discretion and common sense should be your guides. A click to the private e-mail icon and an off-line discussion is suggested to resolve difference.

6 Infraction System
On a Discussion Forum of this size, responsibility and accountability are important. No one wants to log onto a chaotic, mean-spirited forum. The consequences of non-compliance are outlined below.

6.1 Violations of the guidelines will usually warrant a warning prior to infractions bearing points being issued. We ARE adults after all.

6.2 Five points awarded or accumulated will result in an immediate 3 day suspension.

6.3 Eight points awarded or accumulated will result in an immediate 7 day suspension.

6.4 Twelve points awarded or accumulated will result in an immediate 30 day suspension.

6.5 Fifteen points awarded or accumulated will result in your account being immediately suspended. Moderating Staff will attempt resolution with the member Via a special forum. If no resolution is found the account and originating IP address will be banned.

6.6 Please note that we reserve the right to issue Warnings or Points, extend point durations, and/or skip steps if we feel the violation so warrants. We also reserve the right to change the infraction point values at any time with or/without notice.

6.7 reserves the right to remove any inappropriate post or terminate your posting privileges to the Discussion Forums at any time, with or without prior notice.
7. This is the WWW
(Don't Forget, The World Is Watching . . .) Be aware that anything you post on may be read by the rest of the world.

8. Final Comments

Remember: All material provided on is to be used on an "as is" basis; and remember, we're not perfect. Opinions expressed by the members do not necessarily reflect the opinions of, General Motors, and Isuzu or any of their subsidiaries. assumes no liability for direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, special or incidental damages, accident, injury, loss of property, income or life due to use or misuse of comments, suggestions, procedures, modifications, enhancements, repairs or information presented on the Website.

The use of this site, and the terms and conditions for our providing information, is governed by our Posting Guidelines. By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read the Posting Guidelines and that you accept and will be bound by the terms thereof.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not view, download or visit the Website.

What you have already agreed to when registering at
Forum Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Although the administrators and moderators of Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

For Sale Forum Rules! said:
When selling stuff in the for sale section, you MUST include a price that you want to sell your stuff for. This isn't e-bay. Also, if you don't have your location filled out to where it shows up when you post, please put a location in the post.

If you have an issue with the prices that people post, please PM that person. Calling them out and referring to another site is inappropriate. If you can get it for a cheaper price elsewhere, please do so and not slam the person posting. thanks.

We do help people out here to get the best deal, but this is a private seller section. Please don't refer people to other websites in the threads that people are selling things.

If you need a refresher on the rules that you agreed to when you signed up, please click here.

Please remember to close your thread when the item(s) are sold.

Due to some previous issues, the item you sell must belong to you and be in your possession, we understand your friend isn't on the forum, but this has created a lot of issues. If they want it listed here, they can join, post 25 constructive posts or become a paying vendor, and then post their own AD up.
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