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FS: DiabloSport Predator for LB7

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great programmer just wanting to upgrade. this tuner is also perfect for trucks who just want extra power and is good for stock trannys. it will come to you UNLOCKED. comes with original box and manuals. all you have to do is load the tunes to your truck and go. looking for $250 shipped to your door. ill ship usps priority(2-3 day) with a tracking number.

The LB7 Predator contains five programs to choose from:

Stock Tune: Adjustable vehicle speed limit up to approximately 120 MPH varies based on vehicle (can also lower vehicle speed limit), set-up weight, tire size, 2wd vs. 4wd, etc.

Tow Tune: 40 RWHP and 100-ft/lb TQ, made specifically for towing. DiabloSport recommended weight limitations based on manufacturer suggested limits for the vehicle.

Economy Performance Tune: 65 RWHP and 150-ft/lb TQ, designed for Economy and Performance, fuel economy depends solely on driving style, and will vary from vehicle to vehicle. DiabloSport recommended weight limitations of 8,000 Lbs.

Performance Tune: 85 RWHP and 195-ft/lb TQ, designed specifically for performance street driving. DiabloSport recommends this tune not be used for towing.

XPerformance Tune: 120 RWHP and 240-ft/lb TQ, designed specifically for competition or off-road. DiabloSport recommends this tune not be used for towing.
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What are you upgrading to?
what if we meet some where how much would it cost
"What are you upgrading to?"

thinking bout PPE Standard

"what if we meet some where how much would it cost "

shipping is gonna cost me about the same as fuel to drive and meet you so itll still be $250
I come through salisbury once a week on wed or thurs may be could meet you some where
ok we could probably work something out. $240 if we meet local in salisbury.
BUMP. no definates yet.

BUMP. no definates yet.
will it work for lly?
will it work for lly?
it will not just for future reference.

also the tuner has been SOLD!

thanks for all those who replied!
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