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will removal of the dpf void the warranty in any way? Also I personally think a egr blocker is the way to go, that im sure wouldnt help the warranty issue? I honestly like the H&S setup alot, i just like the way it looks and all, but the edge race cts is very interesting. Both the edge and h&s are plug in style chips correct? I've read that they are a little harder to pick up for warranty issues, wouldn't a 2nd ecm that wasnt used while the truck had a power adder on it have the same data an not be effected or be able to tell that a power adder was on the truck?
Yes, unfortunately tampering with any of the emissions equipment (DPF, EGR) on these trucks will void the factory warranty. Some dealerships I have heard will only void your warraanty for emissions equipment, while others will actually void the warranty on the whole truck and flag it. Other dealerships are nice and let it slide. Usually that only works when you have a friend on the inside.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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