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Fuel filter, oil change

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I found out the fuel filter on my Durapig is 43$, the Cummins one was 13-30$ depending where you bought it. The Duramax has wires on the bottom of the filter. That is a real unhandy and stupid design. The Cummins is much easier to change, and the water senser is not in the way. I had it start to jell up on me last winter, once. The Cummins never jelled up on me, it has a heater in the fuel filter block, and a heater in the manifold.
Every time but one I spilled oil while changing it on the Duramax, I don't remember spilling it on the Dodge. It was much easier to change the oil, and the filter on the Cummins.
There are a couple greese zirks on the Chevy that the Dodge doesn't have. There are at least four that are hard to grease, especially when cold out, on the Chevy. Sooo, two of them didn't get greased, last winter, maybe I'll try to grease them next time, last time I said the heck with it, they shouldn't even be there!!
The Dodge cars and truck can shut off the outside air, the GM cars and truck let it come in all the time. Thus, you are forced to breath in smoke from trash burning, hog factories stink, and road dust, STUPID design.KY
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Dude, did you just come in here to rant or are you looking for help? If you don't like the GM, get rid of it and go back to the dodge. No one is forcing you to drive the GM. Now, about your gelling problems, GM has a heater just right above the filter. Yours might have gone out. I know a guy here that had one go out and he was using stanadyne and it still gelled.....but that was at -50F. Anyway, this is a place to get help and talk about the GM. If you are just trolling and trying to start something, go somewhere else. Every manufactures has their faults....why did you buy a GM when you had your all mighty dodge?
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No I'm not ranting, my son sold me the truck. I was going by what other owners were getting per mile. I had no idea that they dropped 5mpg in 05.
Sure if my wife did not have cancer for the second time I probably would have took the loss in the rear and bought another Dodge.
I don't know why the LLY engine lost that much mileage, but on my 04 LB7 I get 18-19 unloaded on whatever highway we have up here in Alaska...even with the 285s. As far as what other owners were getting on mileage....if you didn't ride with them and verify....then they probably weren't getting the mileage you heard. Most people go by the gets thrown way off even if you put just a 40hp tow tune on. You might need to have your filter head heater checked out on the gelling problem. I believe there is a wire that just pulls off on the top. If you do have to get another one, contact Eric at or John at You don't have overheating issues too do you? It seems that the 05s had a problem with that. Sorry to hear about your wife...hope everything turns out ok.
filter head

It is still under warranty, hopefully they will cover it, if it is bad. No it doesn't overheat, man I hope not!!!! Alaska, wow can get cold there. It was -15 that morning, even the anti-gel was gelled, that supprised me. How does it work if it gets gelled in the bottle???
I guess if fuel was still 1.28 I wouldn't be trying to figure out how to keep from loosing more money. I think I got a good deal on the truck, it rides better than a Dodge. I was expecting much better mileage, imagine my supprise when I brought it home from MN and checked the mileage, I got 17mpg going 55mph for 2.5 hours. I put on 265 tires and picked up .5 mpg, I was mistified why they put 245 tires on a 373 gear ratio.
I don't get caught up on brand of vehicle as much as I did when I had my ss Chevells. I feel since the three truck companies use New Process manual trans, and transfer cases they are not that much different. It seems it matters more on what day of the week they were built than what brand of truck you buy.
All I want is a product I don't have to take to the shop, very often, one that gets decent mileage, and isn't hard to look at.
'75 to '89 I had three Chevelle SS's I thought Chevy's ruled. I was bothered that they discontinued the 283 and 327 for the junk 307 and poor 350 engine. That 327 was a real good engine, it would blow the doors off of a 350. In '89 I bought my first new truck, an extended cab 1990 S-10, 4wd. I thought wow I finally have something I shouldn't have to work on for 75-100,000 miles. I'm not sure which vehicle was the worse one, my wife's '95 Intrepid or the lemon S-10 I bought. The S-10 quickly deflated my idea that Chevy was the best. I swore that I would never buy a Chevy again, now I might if only the mileage would be better, and as long as I don't have to take it to the shop like the S-10. geez talk about a wind bag=me! KY
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I believe that the anti-gelling product has to be added to diesel before it actually works. If you read the bottle, it says to keep it stored at "x" degrees. I often wondered how it would protect. I have a pre-oem filter too that has a heater on it. I only heard of a couple of guys having problems gelling when it got to -50F. My truck stays parked in a garage most of the time in the winter. The only time it is outside is when I have to go to work. Even then it is only out there for a max of 12 hours. Maybe they weren't running blended fuel there at the could have also got a bad tank or old stuff.
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