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Howdy folks, first time poster.

Just purchased a 04 2500HD LLY with approx 150K miles from a dealer in Southern Ontario. Not exactly what i was looking for but seemed like the best deal I could find. Dealer told me that the injectors were just replaced by previous owner.

I took her on an approx 1000 mile shakedown cruise back home and she seemed to run pretty good.

When I finally pulled in to my driveway I could smell fuel when I got out and sure enough she was leaking on my asphalt.

I did some checking under the hood, underneath the truck and online. In the end I found the fuel coming from the injector where the return line attaches. I look out the clip and found a real mess. Some genius had broken the little plastic fitting that goes in the top of the injector and tried to repair it with silicone. the tit was still in the injector and there was silicone inside the return area of the injector and all over the top of the black plastic part that the wiring harness connects to.

I checked dealer for return lines, as many of you know you cannot buy just the plastic fitting, you have to buy the whole harness. They wanted $220 for the hoses and $58 for the retaining clip! I ended up finding replacement fittings at Oregon Fuel Injection. I ordered the complete hose assembly and a spare clip just in case I lose one for $37. They also sell just the fittings individually which some of you seem to be looking for periodically.

Other issues I found were a CD stuck in the player that will not eject(from my searched this seems like a common prob)

Also my Tow/Haul & Overdrive cut-off switched were not working - I found some posted related to this and sure enough my orange wire was broken. I fixed that today with some butt connectors.

I really appreciated the forum and the people who post there findings - very helpful.

Hopefully my find on the fuel return fittings will help someone else

Cheers, Dale

Oregon Fuel Injection, Chevy diesel performance products, diesel fuel injection repair parts for Duramax 6.6 L, 6.2 L and 6.5 L engines.
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