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Fuel Pressure Regulator(Lack of Lubrication)

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I just ordered another Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator, I bought it from Oregon Fuel Injection(Cheapest place I found $216) The guy tells me that the problem I'm having when first starting the truck and it idles down and then up or idles down and cuts off could be do to lack of lubrication and I should use more additives? Has anyone else been told this or had this issue? This is my 3rd FPR and I'm only @ 165,000 miles. I use Lucas Fuel Treatment, is there something that lubricates better???

Thanks Guys....
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Well I just replaced the regulator again this past Thursday. The one I replaced was gummed up. I also learned that I have a small amount of oil in my Turbo, anyhow I put the new one in and the truck started right up with no hesitation or rough idling. I guess I will start using an additive every time I fill up now.
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