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Fuel pressure regulator

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I am having a regulator code on my truck right now and was wondering if anyone knew the cost of a new regulator. I am asking because their is a new one on e-bay, but I dont want to bid without knowing the cost.

The truck will just die from time to time. Only at idle and will start right back up only to die a few seconds later. Thanks for any help
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You sure you don't have an air leak? Did you or your dealer change your fuel filter last? I know I read on one of the forums that someone's fuel filter housing was cracked. Also, which engine do you have? I know the LLYs have had problems with their injector wire harness.
I changed the filter a few days ago, but had the problem before that. I believe my engine code is "1" at least that is if I am looking at the correct digit of the VIN.
I believe that if your fuel pressure regulator was going bad, you should have some codes. I also remember reading somewhere about check valves sticking. Have you inspected your bleeder screw?? You could be losing prime. Are you still under 100,000 miles?? If so, take it to the dealer. You have a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty on the engine. From what you are telling me on your symptoms, it sounds like air in the system.
i have a 02 d-max with 4'' cat back magnaflow hypertech tuner injectors changed about 86000 getting a 1093 just changed fuel filter has no power on hard accellaration all black smoke thinking maybe fpr but i dont know to much about the 6.6 please help.
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