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I have a 2007 Duramax LBZ have a fuel issue truck
wouldn't start I found talk to a few people they told me
check the filter it was okay I brought it to a shop he
suggested before I do anyting I need to replace all fuel
lines fuel filter housing and then determine from there I
replaced all the lines a fuel filter housing
Truck will not still start the only way I can get it to
start is someone must pump the primary on the
filter housing as I start it truck will not idle will run
at 1000 RPM or higher
So after replacing all lines I determined that there is no
leaks in the lines or housing
I thought the system the problem would be from the
filter to the injector pump so I just connected the
hose off the filter and pressurize the line to 10 PSI I
can hear it blowing right back into the tank I did not
think this is profit does have does anyone have any
information on what might be wrong fuel pressure
regulator fuel pressure release valve injector pump
injectors I would appreciate any help
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