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So the other day the wife and kids (2) and I were at the RV show when we got this idea.
Be full time RVers for the next year maybe 2 until we finish college.
Here is why and here are our theories
1-maybe save some cash
2-not have to be in a bind on completion of school to sell the house, move finances etc
3-put some decent money away so when we get our careers we can purchase and build (this would include a large garage haha)
4-we live near BFE so getting closer would save on fuel costs etc

Now here are my concerns
1-will we really save anything
2-after storage unit for our misc crap we still have to move that
3-RVING with kids seems like a major feat
4-full timer maintained RVS are probably not cheap

Now for full disclosure I am leaning towards not doing this but I am curious on who out there has and how well it's worked, what you would do different and if your reason for doing it was what your thought the outcome would be. Thanks all

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