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Get the best of both worlds by providing your truck with the ultimate front-end protection and unique styling with our all-new application-specific Sportsman X Grille Guard by Westin Automotive.

Our recently-released application-specific Sportsman X Grille Guard by Westin Automotive is a functional add-on that is designed to provide all-around protection fro the front end of your truck. The guard features heavy-duty 1 5/8" outer steel tubing and comes with 2 1/4" wide upright rubber strips to protect the bar from a light impact.

Westin Automotive Sportsman X Grille Guard


  • Provides added front end protection
  • Aggressive styling compliments today's larger grilles
  • Unique plate design provides maximum support to outer wings
  • Heavy duty 1 5/8" outer steel tubing
  • Heavy duty 2 1/4" wide upright rubber strips
  • Removable center mesh panel, 26" DRL LED light kit - sold separately
  • Sensor relocator kit for specific Chevy and Dodge/RAM applications - sold separately
  • Removable mesh panel accommodates factory sensors
  • Pre-drilled provisions for factory sensors
  • Exterior step plate provides easy access to engine compartment
  • Die stamped steel step area for maximum traction
  • Features stylish euro top center bar
  • Headlight area 3/4" crossbars provide strength to grille guard wings
  • Hardware and mounting brackets included
  • E-coated base coat provides long lasting corrosion protection
  • Available in textured black finish

Click here to continue reading about the new Westin Release.​

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Take a few minutes to look at pictures posted of vehicles that have hit a deer and you will see that these brush guards are worse than having nothing at all as they toss the animal up and then it hits the windshield. I would rather have the damage to the grill and radiator than to myself and my passenger. But the brush guards look cool when the truck is sitting at Wal-Mart.

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Spend some time actually driving thru the Deer Capitol of the World. Real world experience trumps pictures and assumptions.

In other words....if the conditions are present for the carcass to roll up over the hood, it makes no difference if the guard is there or not.
Deer tend to leap in their strides when spooked.

Also, hitting deer at night?
You weren't driving fast enough.
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