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Hello, this is my first time posting on here and I’m fairly new so sorry if this isn’t where it’s supposed to be. I have an 01 Chevy LB7, I recently had the Allison built with a PPE stage 5 kit with their BCBS converter by a shop in NY close to the NJ border (I found their shop from here). They told me they went ahead and changed the NSBU switch and another sensor or something. They called me during the build to ask what the springs, drill bit and so on were for. I was boarding a plane so I couldn’t exactly go step by step. I just told them it’s to modify the valve body and that on the PPE website there’s a PDF that’s explain it better.

I installed the transmission back in the truck, replaced the trans cooler with a PPE cooler, replaced the original lines with deviant hydraulic lines and fittings then I flushed the part of the radiator where the lines hook up to. After that I filled the transmission with about 16-18 quarts of fluid (I have a deep pan as well). Started the truck up and let it run for a few minutes to let the fluid circulate.

I tried putting it in reverse and got nothing it wouldn’t move. Then I put it in drive heard a huge clunk and the CEL came on. Put it back in park and checked the codes. Got the P0700 code hooked my scan tool to it and got 4 different codes P0841, P0842, P1710 and P1711. Any help would be appreciated.
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