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Ms. xxxxxx,
Please read my original request for information. I did not request specifications or information on diesel fuel or biodiesel.
- Since I just ordered the truck and the earliest expected delivery date is late June 07, it would be reasonable to assume that I do not have a Duramax Diesel Engine Owner's Manual Supplement!
- I have spoken to several knowledgeable individuals at my dealership, however they are not the policy makers or stewards of the GM Warranty, so as helpful as they were they were not able to answer my questions.
- The person who is in the best position to address my concerns will probably be someone that is knowledgeable with the content, policy and limitations specified in the Warranty, addressing my questions on lubricity, fuel additives and synthetic oil.
I appreciate that you may not have the answers to my questions, therefore it would make sense to pass this information to your supervisor who in turn can direct someone with the answers to deal with the matter.
I am a subscriber to a Duramax Users Forum (US/CDN) and many of them would like to hear answers from GM, to my questions, so I will be posting these emails.
Collectively as a group, we spent a lot of $$$ on GM Duramax trucks and we would like to preserve our investments.
Looking forward to specific answers.

Yours truly

GM_Canada_Call_Centre wrote:
> Thank you for your e-mail.
> Information on recommended fuel may be found in the Duramax Disel Engine Owner's Manual Supplement. It is acceptable to use diesel fuel containing up to 5% biodiesel (B5), but the final blended fuel must meet the same specification, CAN/CGSB-3.517 (Low Sulfur Diesel) in Canada, as other fuels used in your vehicle, and the biodiesel used for making this fuel must meet the latest version of ASTM specification D 6751.
> For further information, we recommend you speak to the Service Manager at your GM dealership, who is in the best position to address your concerns.
> Thank you for contacting General Motors of Canada Limited.
> Christine xxxxxxx
> General Motors Internet Correspondent

> If you wish to reply to this email, please click here:
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> Sent: 04/04/2007 16:28:28
> Subject: I am a current owner and have a question, concern, comment or compliment.
> I recently ordered a 07 next gen 2500 Duramax. I am concerned about the lubricity of the new diesel fuel. What is GM's policy with respect to waranty if fuel additives like Stanadyne, Amsoil etc. are used in my new Duramax LMM. Also what is GM's policy regarding the use of 100% synthetic oil.
Note: no vin available yet,>

And so it goes on!!!!!
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