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gooseneck wiring harness

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I just purchased a 2020 2500HD and had the gooseneck hitch installed. But it didn't come with the wiring harness (standard on the 3500) or the 7 pin/4 Pin plug in. Chevy kindly predrilled the hole though, so I am limited to getting the exact size to ensure it covers the entire hole. Problem is, the parts department cant figure out which part to order. They keep wanting to give me the one listed online which is too small to cover the entire hole. Anyone find an aftermarket one that works?
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Have you looked on Hopkins comes to mind.

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What is the diameter of the hole you have to cover?
The hole is exactly the same as the oblong hole in the bumper.
I am sure of this because I swapped the camera/7pin plug from the bumper to the bed and installed the 7pin/4pin plug in the bumper.
Use your vin# to do a parts look up on a GM parts website. Should give you the correct part number for your particular vin#.
Thanks all, appreciate the suggestions. Seems this may have been more an issue with my specific dealer parts guys, and the Chevy/GM website isn't the most user friendly for this particular part. I ended up asking them to simply order the one on the 3500. Of course its back-ordered but at least its coming. I matched that one up with my cover and its the same. The parts guide says it needs just the single end wiring harness but I am pretty sure it needs the one with one end for the receptacle and two on the other end to plug into the existing receptacle and the other to the source. I just hope its long enough.
I have a Curt 56070 extension. It is used but works fine, I took it off my previous truck.

It is 7' long. For $10 to pay for shipping I will send it to you.

Shoot me a PM if interested.
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