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I didn't post this until i had everything but today i spent all day doing mods to my truck one at a time to see how each performed

1) i installed a afe intake and silverline 4" turbo back exhaust
Major improvement over banks may i add

2) Installed my edge juice w/ attitude. Now i was going somewhere. I was really impressed especially after level 2!

3) Now the final and most important mod to date. I had my dads friend, a transmission specialist install a few parts on my ally.:rockin He finished in a little over 7 hours.

ATS A-1000-MS 5 Star torque converter, c-3 clutch packs, and a co-pilot converter lock up controller.

When i got it back tonight.....Holy crap what a difference. Tomorrow i want to take some videos if i have time. This is a whole new truck!!!!! The power is amazing, but it has only begun im affraid:gearjamin
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