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Grease fitting on brake caliper

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Hey I thought our trucks only had 11 grease fittings but while changing out my rotors and pads I noticed fittings on the calipers. Are these supposed to be greased regularly, and if so, with regular grease?
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Are you sure that you are not confusing the bleeder on the caliper with a grease fitting?
It is definitely not the bleeder. This is indeed a grease fitting on the casing of the caliper, usually to one side, and has a little rubber cap over it. I took the cap off and it had a bluish grease under it and a little ball bearing so I know its not the bleeder.
My first thought was bleeder also. Have you located the bleeder yet?
Before putting grease in it I would remove it or push down on the ball and see if anything comes out of it.
It could be the bleeder and have grease on it if someone mistook it for a grease fitting previously.
im having a hard time believing that its not a brake bleeder....
I thought the bleeder was where the brake line comes into the caliper? Maybe it is the bleeder but it sure looks like a zirk fitting. Why would there be a ball? I thought you had to unscrew it a little? I will have to go and take a picture I guess. Be right back.
Never mind. I guess it is the bleeder. Do you have to break this loose a little to bleed the brakes?
no man for sure its the bleeder..... thats just the brake line coming into the caliper. Id double check that and make sure there isn't a ball on the end... someone could have swapped for a grease fitting but i doubt it ill think youll be ok.

Yes you will have to have someone pressing the brake, then you crack the bleeder till air bubbles are out then tighten back up before buddy releases the brake
Never mind. I guess it is the bleeder. Do you have to break this loose a little to bleed the brakes?
Sounds like a bleeder screw to me! You will should never need to bleed your brake lines unless you loose brake pedal or need to replace a brake line or caliper :cool:

Who needs fittings??Just get a handful of grease and mob it all over the brake pads,that'll fix ya up:D
I could have fun with you on this post, but will chose not too:D

It could be that the previous owner replaced the factory's with Speed Bleeder's. They use a check ball and a spring inside them so you do not have to have two people bleeding the brakes. It would also make it nice for flushing the old stuff out with new, and not needing 2people or a mechanical pump.
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^^^^ them are pretty cool
Well I think I was mistaken, and I dont think they were Speed bleeders. I must have been having a brain fart. All better now.:drink
you must have been an admin guy! lol. semper fi from one to another.
No, Comm, MOS 2841, and some mechanic work. I posted the question after I had been up all night and it was dark and saw what looked like blue grease. The grease really had me confused, hence the question. Then when someone mention it was the bleeder valve I went and looked and couldnt find any other valves so this had to be the bleeder. I was also pretty intoxicated at that point too. Sometimes I get ahead of myself! go figure. Semper Fi, do or die.
LMAO @ the admin comment....

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