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Hey Everybody! Guess I've been breakin protocol for some time here, but figured now's a good a time as any to introduce myself.

I'm a 2 year owner of an 04.5LLY 2500HD, with a PPE MOD, QS2, 4inch MBP on Yokohama towing rubber. These mods were performed without hardly any heartache thanks to your posts, lessons learned.

I'm very happy to be a supporter here, and will be for years to come.

Thank You all for all your work on these threads and the homework you put in to give new diesel owners a better experience.

See you all around.

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Welcome to DF.

By your sig, are you AF SFS? 21 yrs AF Command Post here.

Take care,

No Sir, Army SF.

Welcome to DF! Great post. Alot of great info here that's for sure. Thanks for serving our country!:drink
Welcome to the Forum!!!

Thanks for you service to our country, you to Willie!!! :drink
Thanks ID and SE Tx, No worries, my last year. Quarter Century is all I can muster.LOL.
Welcome to the forum! :drink

Thats awesome! If I can do anything to help ya give me a yell :D

Welcome to DF!:drink
welcome to the df!!!
Welcome to the D.F.............
welcome to the DF
Thanks for the welcome...You all have some nice rides! My mouth is watering and the green is shakin, and the wife is worried....LOL

Have a good one!

Welcome to the Forum :) lots of good info
Welcome to the DF
Hey, what's the best way to get a pic downsized so I can put it on my profile. No laughing cuz my truck isn't lifted......LOL
Welcome to the Df and thanks for your service!! From a fellow vet.
No Worries, Bubba, and Thank You back! Haven't been over by Moline in a while..I'll be back up north again in the next couple years. Gonna hang the Beret up and find something else to get into. I'll definitely be dialing you all in when I begin my cold weather problems......Surely a bunch of fun.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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