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grinding noise

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When I put it in 4 wheel and once I het 30 u can hear grinding and feel it under my feet check all fluids the front hubs the u joints I dunno what it could be at all . Any suggestions? It only happens in 4 wheel drive it drives fine in 2 wheel drive
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Check to be sure you don't have a dry shaft up front....I would check to make sure my transfer case has not lost any fluid or worn through.remember fellas it's not a case of whether your transfer cases will have pump rub IT IS WHEN!!I don't want to freak you out man,but research ''pump rub'' either here on go on Google typing out ''GM pump rub on Duramax/Allison transfer cases'' and you can read about what causes it quicker than I can type it and probably explain it better....but make no mistake when it goes your truck will NOT BE ABLE to even be operated in 2wd,due to the design of the T case
I checked the fluid is good what does dry shaft mean?
Bump for morning crowd need to get this fixed
I checked the fluid is good what does dry shaft mean?
dry shaft:rof.haha,no BS like a burnt up U joint in a driveshaft,or a shaft that has no flex left...
the u joints r good when i put it in 4 wheel drive i can move the 4 wheel drive shaft about an 8th of a turn is that normal or is it to much play
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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