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h2 center caps..

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do the stock h2 center caps fit when mounted on our trucks?
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no i dont think they fit on the rear axle
fronts could but rears no way. stock ones look dumb i think.
well i have 1.5in wheel spacers to put on the rear so the rears shouldnt be a long as i can clear the fronts...i having thempowder coated by a local friend of mine semi-gloss black and would like to keep the flat face of the stock caps......if i dont like them ill be putting the gmc ones on
I have seen a few people cut the center of the rear caps out to make them slide over the axle and fit. Looks pretty cool! You can either paint the cap black, axle silver, or leave the axle black and cap silver :D

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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