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But it is vexing......
2003 LT 2500HD - new to me.... one remote entry fob works fine. Tried to resynch the other one after changing battery.
Manual refers to instructions for resyching which do not exist....(!)
But I found the procedure on the web elsewhere. Pressing both lock and unlock at the same time..... It still didn't work.

Then I found these PDM programming instructions on the Chevy Avalanche site:

Anyone know if this will work on an 03?
Or will it make some weird program for an earlier vehicle?
You know, like it makes the interior lights flash with the music on the radio?

Here is what I found:

Do not operate or program the transmitters in the vicinity of other vehicles that are in the keyless entry program mode. This prevents the programming of the transmitters to the incorrect vehicle.

There are 3 methods for programming transmitters, which are listed below as methods 1-3. Up to 4 transmitters may be programmed to the passenger door module (PDM). Each programmed transmitter is given a position of #1-#4 in the PDM memory.

Method 1 - No Tools Required, Program All Transmitters


All transmitters which are to be recognized by the PDM must be programmed in a single programming sequence. When using this program method, all previously programmed transmitters will be erased upon the receipt of the programming signal from the first transmitter.

The order in which the transmitters are programmed will determine its numbering position within the PDM memory. The first transmitter programmed will be transmitter #1, and the second transmitter programmed will be transmitter #2. The number stamped on the transmitter case is for reference only; #2 can be programmed as #1, or vice versa. Additional unnumbered transmitters are also available.

1. Close all the vehicle doors.
2. Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock cylinder.
3. Press and hold the door unlock switch.
4. While holding the door lock switch in the unlock position, cycle the ignition ON, OFF, ON, OFF.
5. Release the door unlock switch. The doors will lock and unlock to confirm the program mode.
6. Press and hold the LOCK button and the UNLOCK button simultaneously on one transmitter. After a delay of approximately 15 seconds, the doors will lock and unlock to confirm the programming of that transmitter.
7. Repeat the previous step to program up to 4 transmitters.
8. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position in order to exit the keyless entry transmitter programming mode.
9. Operate the transmitter functions in order to verify correct system operation.

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I had the same problem with my 2003. It turned out to be a bad key fobe. Took it back to the dealer, and as luck would have it they had a spare lying around, the sales man reprogrammed it, and it worked like a champ. If you need a new one, they are about 80 bucks, and they will charge you to reprogram it, another 35 bones. It seems to me that you have the latter taken care of. Good luck.
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