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What is this harness/cover at the front of the engine on the bottom?
I have a 2003 GMC Sierra lb7

I sprang a major leak from there and it spilled fuel all over
I just changed injectors and HP lines and I think the engine was filled with diesel from something installed incorrectly

After I change the injectors I drove it around my block and it filled with oil then I looked online and saw that it could have been filled with oil from the previous bad injectors that were making a thick smoke at idle I drained the oil and refilled the engine with fresh oil because I read somewhere on here that the dilution of the oil because of the fuel could have caused it to leak and that replacing the engine oil might fix the issue so after replacing the engine oil I drove it 6 miles and after accelerating from a green light I heard a pop in the front of the engine and pulled over immediately turn the engine off and saw fuel pouring on the ground I was only two blocks away from my brother's house so I tried to turn the engine back on and it acted like it had a weak battery and wouldn't crank hard enough to turn over so I got it towed home I have diesel leaking from the inspection hole by where the transmission meets the engine and from the front of the engine on this harness/case at the front of the pan

I just bought this car a month ago for $7,000 and knew that it needed injectors replaced and now it looks like bills are just going to be stacking up if anyone has any idea what could be going on or if I threw a rod or if I did any serious lasting damage when i heard that pop

Here's the location of the leak at the front of the engine, it is right at the seam of that black thing with the harnesses running through it
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Here's pictures of the oil leak between the trans and engine
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