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Having a little problem

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I installed my 5" MBRP exhaust and did the DPF delete with EFI Live. Turned off all the DTCs that go along with it. On the way to work today I noticed that the truck wants to hesitate a little when I let off the throttle and go back on it. It only happens when I am using very little throttle. Example: Slowing down from 45 mph or so and making a turn and accelerating back up to the same speed. My goal this week was to baby the truck and see what kind of milage change I get. Like I said it only happens during very tame driving. At WOT its great even half throttle or better. It does not do it often maybe 4 times in a 45 mile span and not everytime I slow down and speed up again. Im thinking maybe vain position. Any suggestions. BTW the trucks tune is stock.
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Is it like a turbo lag hesitation, tranny hesitation, or in need of fuel hesitation. I would think if its needing fuel or a tranny issue, you would notice it all the time, but you say its fine at half throttle or more. If its a turbo vain issue, it could be causing the lag. Hesitation can be caused by numerous things though.
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