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Hey guys and gals,

I'm in the market for more rubber. I'm wondering what to try next. I have ran...

Goodyear mtr 265/70/17, they lasted only about 30,000km, they would chip on the gravel then burned off on the highway.

BGF KM2 265/70/17. Same deal as mtrs. Too soft. Same milage, a few flats.

Nitto HD grapplers 285/70/17. They are on their last rotation. I'd expect 45,000km our of them. They are not on nitto site but are an M55 knock off but come on 285s. Where m55 only Go to 265s.

I need a mud capable tire that can stand up to gravel. I am very heavy. I scaled out at 9600lbs the other day. Why I tried wider to even out ground pressure. Any other suggestions?
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