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Heater didnt come on this morning in my truck!

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hey guys,
My heater in my truck wouldnt come on this morning! I got in my truck and started it and turned the heater knob and nothing happened! I have no idea what could be wrong with it..if anyone has any ideas of what it might be please help!

Thanks, Michael
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its the blower motor resister . it is a common gm problem
Is it an easy cheap fix that i can just take to the local auto shop?
I've had my blower motor replaced twice under warranty in 2 years.:rolleyes:
Thats not good! Where do i need to go to get this fixed? Stealership? or can i just go to a local shop?
I am by no means sayin this is what you have goin. but the other day i got in my truck and it would only blow hot air:confused:even if i put it on ac. so i had to stop so i shut er off and when i got back in and fired er up its been fine since then. idk it was weird:eek:
Ya thats weird man! I dont know whats going on with mine but i will try starting it again and see if it starts working! I hope it does! My heated seats keep me pretty warm but they dont exactly defrost the windshield! lol Thanks for the info!
check your relay anbd fues first. a blown blower motor resistor will only allow you to have high on the blower motor. if the relay is good and the fuse then check for power at the blower motor switch
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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