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Helllp...I think I broke it

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Okay so I turned my PPE up to level 4 yesterday just to see some smoke and play a little bit...did the tranny relearn, always let up in 4-5 blah blah blah....didn't have any issue.s

Tonight I replaced my left hub assembly...put it back together and then went to drive it a bit to make sure everything felt okay. Got engine up to operating temps, and decided to play a little bit. I was going about 50 or so..and a mustang went to pass me so I punched it and the check engine light came on and I could feel the power draining out of the truck instantly...scary feeling. I pulledi nto a gas station and plugged in my PPE and it said there were no codes, but the light is on in my dash. I turned it back down to level 1 and drove home and it felt okay I think, I was scared to push the damn pedal down.

My question is, was this limp mode even though there was no code? Why would the engine light be on but no code show up on the PPE?
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there should have been a code there. i would check it again.
I checked it twice and it said there were no diagnostic codes...but the light is still on. I'm scared to drive it.
tune it back to stock and see what happeneds.
yeah definately should be a code or 20 now....make its not running when you read em...heard that to be an issue before.
have heard of ppe not reading sometimes and when you were on 4 it could have been the low fuel pressure code.. what did the truck do when the light came on??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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