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Hey everyone, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Nolan, I am a long time Subaru mechanic and car enthusiast. I am a no stranger when it comes to cars, trucks on the other hand, I'm a virgin.
I decided it was time to upgrade my daily, and I was also in need of a vehicle to tow my race trailer.

My good friend growing up is a Diesel mechanic and has owned Duramax trucks almost his whole life.
Needles to say, he sold me on an LBZ Sierra (almost identical to his)

So here it is:

My 2006 Sierra 2500HD LBZ

It is all stock power/drivetrain wise with just some minor upgrades such as:

Denali Yukon front end swap
Denali interior trim swap
HID headlights
LED tail lights
Leveling kit
Bilstein shocks
Chrome tow mirrors
20x8.5" Denali Rep wheels

She tows my 24' trailer and race car like a dream. (I've always used gaser 1500s before)

So far I have the following planned:

Window tint
Different wheel/tire combo
Reliability mods
Mileage/tow tune

Truck just rolled over 200k the other day, is there anything I should be planning on?
I am completely new to this world and eager to learn!

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

- Nolan
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