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I just had an LBZ and Allison trans put in my 06 H2. Everything was completed and when I went to take it home the trans went into limp mode. The transmission was running perfectly with no known problems before installing it in the h2.
Now it’s Throwing code p0700 and P0762 Shift solenoid c stuck on, It goes straight to 6th gear.

I Reflashed tcm, pcm.
The trans filter is new. The Trans fluid is new. I cleaned both sides of the connector on transmission. Now on transmission according to my scan tool it jumps from 1st gear to fourth gear when I put it in drive and then when I put in reverse and back in drive it is back in 4th gear. I’m about to tow it to a Transmission shop but would like to know if maybe it’s something that I could fix.
I would greatly appreciate any help If anyone has had the same issue and has any info on what needs to be done to fix it.
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