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Help Deciding On Tires

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Ok, I need help on which tires to put on my truck for the winter. They have to be 315/75/16 tires, and have to look good (Agressive sidewall (Being there's alot of sidewall), and perform decent on the highway, little mud, snow, ice, sand, and gravel). I dont really care if the tire gets or is loud, as my truck drones slightly anyhow and i have a good stereo.

I was looking at the Fierce Attitude MT's mainly becuase of the price, but also was looking at Nitto Trail Grappler's, Nitto Mud Grappler's (Mainly for look's), Nitto Dune Grappler's, Kumho KL71 MT's, Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrian's, and Firestone Destination MT's. Those are basically what i am looking at, but am definitly open to all suggestion's from people that have had real world experience.

Prices around here range from $260 a tire (Fierce) up to $330 a tire (Mud Grappler's) at my local shop.

So, what does everyone suggest? I am leaning towards the Fierce because of the price being these tires are on 16's and going to be used from now until spring time when i buy either 20's or 22's.
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My old trail graps were real loud, my friend has the fierce tires and they aren't loud and have performed well
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