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Help: Fair price ?

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Looking to sell current rig and move to dually. What a fair price for my current setup ?

2006 GMC 2500 4X4 crew cab SRW short box. LBZ engine with 6 spd Allison. 72000 miles
all stock. new tires. Is a work truck but has had aftermarket power windows, locks and alarm added. Cloth seats, not vinyl.
Bedliner, nerf bars, window tint, nice Sony stereo system.
Very good condition. Everything works.
Central Florida market.

Help appreciated. Thanks.

KBB private sale suggestion is around $25K but wanted a real world estimate.
Looking to sell locally.
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1 million doll hairs
in all seriousness OP, Look on craigslist in your state, check out autotrader and find a couple very similar to yours, mileage, options take 1500-2000 off and that would be where I would bet your sale will be ranging. Private sellers never get what a lot will for same vehicle unless you find that one sucker who can't live without YOUR truck
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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