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2008 gmc LMM efi live w/ccs tunes, HSP Y-Bridge/pipes, H2 wheels,
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Hey All!

Just installed my hsp cold side with y bridge, pcv reroute, ppe down pipe, and ppe uppipe. Other mods are dpf delete and ccs tuning.

Started truck after installation and got p0090 and p0098. Realized I forgot to reattach the fuel regulator plug (3pin driver side of alternator) and MAF sensor. Plugged those in, and cleared codes. P0090 Code didn’t come back, but looks like my frp and dfrp is way off. I also have a lot more boost noise. Thinking maybe a boost leak or down pipe not quite seated properly? Everything seemed to seat very solid during install.

I also have p0098 but am assuming it’s the charge air intake temp sensor that was in the ybridge I pulled the wire from during removal. Have that on order for Monday. Could that or a boost leak be the issue with frp not matching dfrp? Or did I forget to plug something else in?? Please help as we are headed away for a camping trip this weekend and I’m at a loss. Should have waited to do this til after the trip but my shop at work is getting decommissioned for months so figured I would knock this off. Regretting it at the moment!

I’ll try to make a boost leak tester tomorrow to see if I can find anything wrong in the charge system. Thanks in advance for your help!
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