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HELP!! I had an issue with getting my truck running after an engine swap, found 2 injectors causing my issues, swapped them and it didn’t roll over twice and it fired up. Runs awesome, had a EGR code (to be expected since its deleted now and still on stock ecm)

HOWEVER... now I have a fuel leak, at the back of the driver rail, I’ve tried 2 seperate FPRV and it didn’t change. Went from a drip to a stream at idle, but my FRP at idle is 41000+/- 1500kPa (about 5900-6100psi) with both plugs in, guessing both are functioning correctly.

Looking for input before I dive into a rail change.. would a new OEM o-ring make a difference?

Has anyone seen this issue before?

I’ve read that it could be a cracked rail, but unless you’re the hulk tightening that plug, I don’t think a cracked rail is my issue, however I’ve been wrong before.. I have checked all lines leading into the rail, it’s only wet at the back of the rail.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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