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Im looking for some kind of help. Anything I haven’t looked at or tried or checked. I don’t care what it is I should try at this point. I don’t even care if I end up looking stupid because this is something so simple I can’t see it. At this very moment is someone said “ummm duuuu. Your canuter valve is stuck in the 3 o’clock position and it needs to be at 3:15”, I’d freakin try it.

Or is there someone that wants to buy a truck that’s perfect in every way except for electrical/sensor issues.
At this point I’d be willing to just give the thing away for a car that runs reliably and a promise to tell me what the hell was wrong with it when they figure it out.

These are not in any kind of order.

P0087 Fuel Rail/Sys Pres-Too Lo:
Got this once or twice after running the CP5 pump at full power
P0090 Fuel Pres Reg Ctrl Circ
Get this only when bypassing the CP5 pump and is related to other two codes I’ve only seen once.
P0091 Fuel Pres Reg Ctrl Circ Lo
P0092 Fuel Pres Reg Ctrl Circ Hi
P0102 Mass/Volume Air Flow Circ Lo Input
Haven’t got this in a long time or since the truck started running bad and not making any power anymore. I’m sure it’s just a tuning issue because of the banks intake.
P0117 Eng Coolant Temp Circ Lo Input
This one is my fault. I kept getting warning about temp and the heater wouldn’t work so I pulled the physical thermostat out. It happens once it warms up, I reset it and don’t see it again until it cools off and warms up again. Note it didn’t fix the heater or stop me from getting warnings about over heating.
P0160 Oxy Sensor Circ No Activity Detected (bank2 Sens2) (160C)
P0166 Oxy Sensor Circ No Activity Detected (bank2 Sens3) (166C)
Haven’t seen these since the DPF delete was assed to the tune.
P0168 Eng Fuel Temp Hi
Again this is my fault. I drove the truck with the CP5 pump running full blast so make sure the problem wasn’t fuel delivery or something mechanical. I was actually frustrated that it ran fine and with more power than it’s ever had. But with no control the pump give the truck all the fuel it can at 70mph and gives it the same amount of fuel at an idle sitting at a stop light. It’s actually pretty damn scary when your throttle only has an on and off and nothing in the midd

These are the 6/7 codes I get several times a day. Obviously 0090 and 0117 I get all the time.
P0192 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
Get this one a lot but truck will run with it on
P0462 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Low Input
Limp mode
P0522 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Low Voltage
Limp mode
P0652 Sensor Ref Voltage B Circ Low
Limp mode
P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
Limp mode but haven’t gotten it since starting to get 192
P0653 Sensor Ref Voltage B Circ High
Limp mode but haven’t been getting it since starting to get 652

Other codes.
P0272 Cyl4 Contribution/Balance Fault
Got this only once
P0299 T/S Charger Underboost
Get this one a couple times a week
P0507 Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected
Got this one once or twice
P0532 A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
At least once a week
P0533 A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
Once in a while
P0571 Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit Malfunction
One once
P0622 Generator Field "F" Control Circuit Malfunction
Use to get it a lot but replaces alternated with mean green one and haven’t seen it in a while.
P0646 A/C Clutch Relay Ctrl Circ Lo
Get this one several times a week
P0674 Glow plug #4 Circ failure
P0676 Glow plug #6 Circ failure
P0678 Glow plug #8 Circ failure
Only got these for a while and replace all the glow plugs.
P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction
P0777 Pres Ctrl Solenoid B Stuck On
P0742 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck On
Get these once in a while but usually when I’m really hard on the truck just trying to get it off the road or to do something because of all the other codes popping up.
P2122 Throttle/Pedal Pos Sensor/Switch D Circ Low Input
P2127 Throttle/Pedal Pos Sensor/Switch E Circ Low Input
P2136 Throttle/Pedal Pos Sensor/Switch A / C Voltage Correlation
I get throttle codes at least once a day.
P2229 Barometric Press Circ High
I haven’t seen this one since the loss of power and cleaning the MAS

U0100 Lost Comm With ECM/PCM A
U0101 Lost Comm with TCM
U0102 Lost Comm with Transfer Case Ctrl Mod
Ctrl Mod
U0106 Lost Comm With Glow Plug Ctrl Mod
U0121 Lost Comm With Anti-Lock Brake Sys (ABS) Ctrl Mod
U0140 Lost Comm With Body Ctrl Mod
U0155 Lost Comm With Instr Panel Cluster (IPC) Ctrl Mod
U1041 electronic break control module missing data
These codes I only got twice and only from a friends code scanner.

C0035 left front wheel speed sensor circuit - performance - signal invalid (C0035-01, C0035-08)
C0055 invalid date received from brake control module - short to battery.
These are hard for me to get info on. I know they have to do with the breaks.
I’ve only got the 0055 once but it says the same as 0035-01 and I also get 0035-08
It just depends on if I have the sensor plugged in or unplugged as to which code is there but it’s always 0035- something.

Nearly every code is something voltage related

*Other things without codes
Heat doesn’t work.
Gages go nuts. (Oil fuel temp bat and blinker indicators)
No power. Feels like underboost or boost leak but sounds like a waste gate is wide open
Once wipers stopped
Once it called onstar
Dies while driving. Sometimes won’t start back up. That hasn’t happened as often lately.
Transmisión refused to go into drive or any gear and would just blink. Happened at the same time as the wipers and eventually reset on its own and never happened again
ABS light on. It’s never gone out. I can clear it but it comes right back. It may actually be something wrong with that.
Check engine light will be on with no code. Yeah I’m frustrated as hell with that one.
Idles super bad.
The A/C works great but no heat any more. It’s getting cold so this bugs me more.

*Messages I’ve gotten on the dash information display other than the normal. Tire pressure or,
Change fuel filter. It’s new and even when I go look at the information it says it’s got plenty of life. Low engine coolant. Also checked it and again found nothing wrong. Engine power reduced. That’s a no brained but sometimes it’ll be in limp mode and not give me that message.

What I’ve replaced
ECM but put old one back in because wouldn’t ever start even with factory programing

TPS, FRPS, and Went through wiring looking for shorts.

About my truck and tune.
2007.5 LMM, EGR Delete (plate only) DFP delete with strait pipe turbo back, PCV reroute, full banks intake with MAF sensor and fuel rail pressure relief plugged.
Idaho Rob DSP5 tune with Rotary switch.
speedo correction. Fuel pressure relief valve plug. Nothing extreme just a standard performance curve and correcting Emissions codes for deletes. Not sure if it matters but the factory radio isn’t in the truck but it was that way when I bought it so who knows.

Things I know it’s not.
1 both batteries check out fine but replaced them anyway
2 it’s not over heating no matter what the gage or information say when it shuts of the the AC
3 CP5 fuel pump in the middle of the motor is not bad. Was told that is was by a shop trying to sell me a FAST lift pump. If you pull the control wire off it runs full blast and will damn near burst the fuel rail but will definitively over heat the fuel.
4 ECM is not bad. One I’ve replaced it. If the ECM was bad then it stands to reason that it’s would just quit and me clearing the codes wouldn’t do anything yet once in a while it clears and runs great. But what do I know about ECMs. Maybe it is. Advice here would be great.
5 fuel lines. Replaced all the soft lines under the hood, the filter the water separator, and the filter. I once did get a code about the separator but cleaned the connection and never seen it again.
6 TPS and FRPS both replaced

Things I’ve considered replacing.
The temperature controls and actuator, gage cluster, day light sensor, head lights, door lock and window controls, TPS monitoring system, Break control module, ABS sensors. Wiring harness.
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