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To try to keep this short, I drove my truck across town and it sat for about 30 min. When I went to leave the truck wouldn’t shift into reverse... I tried drive and it still wouldn’t move... truck said “shift inhibited, select N to reset” tried that and truck still didn’t move. Luckily I had my scanner and I was able to clear any engine, trans or body codes on the truck and it shifted and drove fine. Then I get to a red light and the truck remained in drive and when I went to drive away the truck wouldn’t move.. so I cleared it and drove the rest of the way home fine.

Two days later I have a friend come over with a TCM and tech 2 but only problem is... I IT WONT REPLICATE THE PROBLEM! I drove around for 20-30 min bumping it from reverse to drive and driving around at 45 mph with NO issues.

READ HERE: I assumed the truck was fine and assumed it was just a freak incident. About 30 min later after my friend leaves, I drive about a block away, hit a drive through, and as I’m driving through the parking lot (approx. 10-15mph) the tires just locked up... now I have read all over TCM failures are common but not a single person has said that there truck has locked up the tires while driving and skid to a stop. I grab my scanner and unfortunately clear the codes before checking them as I was blocking a lot of traffic.

Has anybody read a thread, heard of, seen or experienced this? Any info would be greatly appreciated as I’m suppose to tow my car to the racetrack in a week but won’t do it if there’s a risk of the tires locking up again and this time being on a freeway while towing..
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