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Help Stereo Guys

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Can I cut the black pieces in my crew cab behind the back seat or do they come out trying to make a box fit

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they make custom boxes for our truck need to cut anything....  Custom Sub Enclosures for the Mobile Masses

I bought mine from here....pretty much any high performance sub you cant have a ported box because of the space requirements.....

So non ported is what you get....I got 2 Kicker VR's with a 750amp and it hits pretty decent. I cut out the padding under the carpet cause the subs seemed to be bottoming for thought.
interesting...never knew the CC had vents back there....mine has them under the driver and pass seats facing backwards...figured GM would be cheap and use the same ones for the CC.
Just a thought as I have no idea.....does the plastic run just below the carpet or below the floorboard....

If it ran below the carpet you could cut if off mid way and still keep heat going to the feet of passengers.
ahhh ok....yep I have those too
With that subthump box, does it make the back seats harder to sit on? In the pics, it looks like the boxes hits the underneath of the seat. Just wondering for confort reasons. Boxes look really nice and great prices. Thanks for the link jmaz268.
I obviously don't ride in the backseat of my truck....

but from what I could tell when i put it in...i think it raised the backseat like 1/4-1/2 above normal seat height....i do know it does rest on it.

When i took the padding out of the barely touches the seat now.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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