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Ok heres the problem. I was driving my 6.5 tow truck 3 weeks ago and it started making a noise at 2000+ rpm. I drove it about 75 miles and it started to get worse. I pulled it in the shop to listen and reved it a few times where you heard the noise. So I reved it to 2800rpm and held it for 5 seconds and BAM!!! Knock Knock Knock.. :eek:

Pulled the motor and the crank cracked in halph. Actully rather proud of myself for diagnosing a problem then driving for 75 to have the motor go in the shop. Motor had 180,000 truck has 400,000

Anyway... A friend of mine hooked me up with a Jasper 6.5 with 100,000 miles and newer turbo, injectors, glow plugs. injection pump. He removed it from his truck due to a stuck lifter and screwed valve.

We removed the head to find a mushroomed valve and frozen lifter so we ordered the parts and went to install the valve but it was to small. We ordered another and still to small. So we did some looking and Jasper installs oversized valves in there motors which no one makes.

We sent the head to a machine shop and they cant find a match. Jasper says they would be glad to sell me another motor :mad: ... Any Ideas? Anyone ever deal with jasper or a jasper motor? Anyone know where to find a "Jasper" valve?

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