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I’ll make this quick and simple, need some help. Has anyone experienced this? What could it be?

2002 LB7
EFI live
Not much done to engine

when I start the truck cold, there’s a weird cricket like noise coming from back of engine/tranny area. I can’t pinpoint it. This noise seems to go away when the truck warms up. Or it becomes very subtle.

the noise isn’t “just like a cricket”, but it’s the same “rattle” like noise. It’s pretty close to a cricket. My engine idle is unique- it idles with a slight lope to it. “rrrrrrrr RUH rrrrrrrrr RUH rrrrrrrr RUH” every second or two. This is normal and I won’t go into why however whenever it lopes the noise gets louder. It makes me think it could be the fuel pump straining? Somehow the noise is connected to the throttle it seems..

please give me ideas. I’m no mechanic and I’d like to have an idea as to what’s wrong before bringing it to one.

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