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My truck is a 2007 LBZ. I ad changed my oil to shells rotella 15w40 T4 and used a Mobil 1 filter. After doing so my oil pressure shot up to 60 psi at idle and it was previously at 25ish, threw me off. I had realized the truck seemed off with abnormal vibrations and such so I let it go for a little bit, came back to it, drained some oil back out, filled it back to the full line of the dipstick and turned it over, now it had this super SUPER loud knocking/clanking noise that sounded like it was coming from center or bottom center of the engine, it ran then I had turned it off, let it sit a little bit longer and started it again and it sounded like it seized, it won’t turn over, and this whole time it was at 60psi.
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