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Bought this '09 LMM with 95k miles about a year ago, came with a lift, running boards, camper shell, not sure what exhaust system I have....

All that was added so far is a FASS lift pump, bean sump, fuel filter bypass kit, bulletproof EGR (I know, I live in Los Angeles), tie rods by kryptonite. and an edge insight 3

I'm looking to add a tune but not sure what route to take. Was looking at efi live, banks six gun, or upgrade to the evolution on the cts3. all difficult to do in California besides the banks.

Please feel free to add suggestions on what to do to my truck. like deleting it and getting away with it...jk....unless.....jk lol

Im eager to be apart of the diesel community and looking to learn more about my truck.

anyways happy to be a member here now!


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