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high pressure fuel line part number

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Anyone know the part number(s) for the high pressure fuel lines that go from the rail to the top of the injectors?
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Awesome DuraTitus.
I had my injectors replaced (not at dealer) and the lines wont stop leaking at the injector connection. He gets one to stop and other starts.
I have 8 if your interested... Their 80 bucks each from the dealer and all 8 of mine are for sale for 100 :D

I will send you the money in five minutes!!!!!

PM me with your paypal!

Also would you happen to have a picture of them?
Sorry I did not read the thread...

I will buy injectors... I dont need the lines.
I guess I could....Do you have a tranny for sale?
kinda, I have some burnt clutches you can buy :rof

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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