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2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4x4.
I have an electric wheelchair lift on the back of my truck. I guess that the 2 bolts that attach the hitch to the bumper fell out and now the hitch is almost 2 inches away from the bumper causing the lift to sag very badly. I am thinking that the factory hitch is now bent so I am guessing that a replacement is the best course of action. I am looking at a "Draw-Tight" 41944 that has 1200 lb tongue weight, does not need any drilling. I found it on for $157 free shipping. Looks like it is best deal I have found. Can anyone tell me anything about this hitch or another one that won't break the bank that is already broken?
Is there any way to try and save the factory hitch or would that be a bad choice.
Thanks in advance

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Toss it.
The OE receiver hitch is notoriously overwhelmed with any load (or not).
Very weak design.

Two design choices for a replacement;
1 that uses the two bolts up into the bumper (like your OE hitch)
1 that doesn't, sits 2" higher and tucks back up under the bumper instead of protruding out.

And of those two designs, they will either be for a 2" or 2.5".

Either CURT or DT, the one you selected doesn't have the bumper bolts and is higher.

Higher can affect your ball mount height. As in, if you were using a 4" drop, you'll need a new ball mount for a 6" drop, to equal the trailer tongue height as before.

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I purchased this one and I am very pleased with it. Load ratings fit how I use my truck and Curt seemed to be very well thought of on this forum.

The forum was right IMHO. Very heavy duty and appears to be very well constructed. Very easy install even for a greenhorn like me. Probably overkill for your application but something else in their lineup that better fits your needs may be worth a look.
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