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how far can i drive.....

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How far can i drive without the dpf delete turned off. when I pick up my truck from the stealor, i don't want to screw anything up by driving 30 miles without it turned off.

should i bring along the quad 2 and install it after i leave the stealorship??
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i would take the quad with you, installed after you get in the truck and not worry about it
Did they figure out what was going on with your truck? You should be fine driving 30 miles DPF-less, but if you have the option, you might as well take the quad with you.
The 7th injector harness needed to be fixed.
The dealor asked me if the engine light was on before because the dpf delete. He couldn't believe how I was running without a code
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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